Carper Cleaning

Our team at Sapphire Cleaning all receive a wide range of training, one of which is carpet cleaning to which we have worked extensively to perfect an in-dept shampooing treatment. We offer carpet cleaning in Aylesbury, Tring, Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempsted, and Kings Langley however we cover 15 miles from Tring. You will be assigned one cleaner, who will handle the cleaning of your carpets, rugs, stairs, and even upholstery on request.

We’ve spent many years tweaking our carpet cleaning treatments and believe we have found the perfect methods to ensure your carpets are given a new lease of life. Our top-spec equipment allows us to take all measures to ensure you get the best results no matter what sort of staining you may have. Wine stains are no problem with our team at Sapphire Cleaning!

We all work with gloves and masks to ensure your safety and ours. Whilst carrying out your carpet
clean the cleaner assigned to you will be fully protected and will also ensure the surfaces being
cleaned are firstly spot tested to guarantee safe extraction.

When it comes to client satisfaction we aim to go above and beyond to ensure that you get the
best quality service that is tailored to your requirements, we do this by firstly prepping all surfaces,
moving furniture if needed and also using chemicals that are both safe for the carpets and
optionally have a nice scent to get rid of any pet ordures that may linger.

We offer all clients up to 20% off deep cleans when booking carpet cleaning and oven cleaning
together as these two work really well hand in hand.

Why Choose Sapphire Cleaning?
Proven Successful Methods
Reliable & Friendly Cleaners
Trained & Insured Cleaners
No Hidden Fees
DBS Checked

Our Carpet Cleaning Methods:

Initial inspection
Gather information on what kind of stains we are dealing with and prepare the area around it to be
soaked and treated.

Vacuuming Throughout
Once our walkthrough is completed and stained are soaking in solution we vacuum throughout
your property, we use smaller brushes to really get into the fibres of the carpet to ensure the dirt is
lifted efficiently.

Pre Spray Treatment
Next, we move into pre-spraying the carpets, this is where the chemicals tend to differ from job to
job, where you can opt for a pet deodoriser, a cherry-scented treatment or one of our other scents
supplied on the day. Once we know which option you select we move into spraying a fine mist
through the carpets and allow it to soak for 10-15 minutes while we set the machine up for

The agitation stage is where we use our rotating brushes to break down the stains and work
the solution deep into the fibers of your carpets, we do this throughout to ensure you get an even
finish and well-treated feel.

Hot Water Extraction
Finally, we come to the end and the noisiest part of the carpet cleaning process, we use a solution loaded into the machine along with hot water which is again heated on demand by our carpet cleaning machine. In this stage we stray, agitate and extract the solution into the carpet to breakdown the stains, ordures, dust mites and any other unwanted dirt that is commonly found on carpets. Once this is completed throughout the property you can expect it to all be dry within one to two hours assuming you can keep the property ventilated.

To end we will sprits the carpet with another air freshener as a thank you for choosing Sapphire

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